UF Center Drive Pedestrian Study & Improvements

Project: Center Drive Pedestrian Study & Improvements

Location: University of Florida Campus, Gainesville, Florida

Client: UF Facilities Planning & Construction

Time Frame: 2010-2012

The southern portion of the Center Drive corridor on the University of Florida campus presents unique challenges to balance pedestrian and vehicular traffic in a high-density environment. Students, faculty and staff of the University utilize the same area as staff, patients and visitors from the adjacent Shands Hospital and UF Health Center facilities. BCI provided an engineering evaluation and analysis of the 1100’ corridor in 2010-2011. User group concerns were addressed and crosswalks within the corridor were evaluated for appropriate placement, signage, construction, applicability, lighting, safety concerns and pedestrian traffic volume. Potential short-term, intermediate and long-term improvements were proposed and evaluated, and initial layouts were created. Presentations were made to the staff and faculty user groups, and feedback was utilized to fine-tune the report and recommendations. All of the short-term and intermediate improvement recommendations were funded, designed and constructed in 2011-2012.