Hull Road Transportation Study

Project: Hull Road Transportation Study

Location: University of Florida Campus, Gainesville, Florida

Client: UF Facilities Planning & Construction

Time Frame: 2010-2011

The University of Florida hired Brown and Cullen to conduct a transportation study to evaluate and analyze pedestrian and vehicular movements along a 2,600’ corridor on campus. In addition, an existing Cultural Plaza parking lot that serves two museums and a performing arts center was evaluated. This study included traffic data collection and analysis, coordinating user group meetings to obtain feedback, development of written and concept layout recommendations, preliminary cost estimating, and presentations to UF Advisory Committees on the findings of the study. Short-term, Intermediate, and long-term improvement recommendations were made, and unanimously approved by all committees. Subsequent budget funding and allocations by UF are necessary for a majority of the improvements. Several short-term recommendations have been implemented in the corridor since the completion of the study.