NW 17th Street Streetscape

Project: NW 17th Street Streetscape

Location: NW 17th Street

Client: City of Gainesville Public Works Dept.

Budget: $400,000

Time Frame: 2000-2002

This three-block section of NW 17th Street, immediately north of W. University Ave. and the University of Florida campus, was redesigned and reconstructed to achieve a much higher streetscape quality. Through diligent coordination with the City staff, adjacent neighbors, and citizen advocates, Brown & Cullen was able to provide an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional design for this congested traffic corridor. The project involved the re-design of the entire right-of-way to accommodate increased sidewalk widths, enhanced crosswalks, shade trees in urban tree wells, pedestrian scale lighting, and street furniture. BCI provided the initial design, neighborhood workshops, final design, final bidding, and construction management for this highly successful project. In 2009, BCI completed an additional complementary project for the Gainesville CRA to improve the sidewalks by changing from concrete pavers to brick pavers.