UAA Maintenance Stormwater Treatment System

Project: UAA Maintenance Stormwater Treatment System

Location: University of Florida Campus

Client: University Athletic Association

Budget: $100,000 +

Time Frame: 2009-2010

The University Athletic Association (UAA) operates and maintains all of the athletic facilities for the University of Florida. These facilities include several maintenance facilities that needed improvements in the way stormwater was being handled for equipment maintenance. UAA hired Brown & Cullen to review the operations of their maintenance facilities and to provide design upgrade improvements to their equipment wash facilities. The project was intended to improve stormwater discharge water quality. BCI designed and managed the construction of several upgraded maintenance wash systems at the UAA facilities, and significant water quality improvement was achieved at each facility. BCI also worked with UAA maintenance staff, familiarizing them with all aspects of the upgraded facilities, to assure ongoing maintenance activity would realize the intended stormwater improvements.