Creekwood Stream Floodplain Study

Project: Creekwood Stream Floodplain Study

Location: Gainesville, Florida

Client: Southern Development Management Company

Time Frame: 2003

The owner of the Creekwood Apartment Complex contracted with Brown & Cullen to determine the actual base flood elevation within the Creekwood Apartment Complex, in hopes of removing the property or structures within the property from the 100 year floodplain. This was in an effort to determine if flood insurance was necessary for the property, or if the required flood insurance could be reduced. After re-evaluating the City of Gainesville 1986 Master Flood Plain Study Plan and the Creekwood Property Flood Study Plan, BCI determined that the finish floor elevations and the lowest adjacent grade for all the structures within the Creekwood property were lower than the corresponding 100-year maximum flood stage. As a result, the structures were eligible to be removed from the floodplain. BCI prepared and filed a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) with FEMA for the removal of the structures from the floodplain, and successfully received the LOMR, thereby resulting in the owner no longer requiring flood insurance for the complex.