Cemex Concrete Batch Plant

Project: Cemex Concrete Batch Plant

Location: Gainesville, Florida

Client: Rinker Materials

Budget: $500,000

Time Frame: 2002-2003

The Cemex Concrete Batch Plant located on NW 53rd Avenue was designed and permitted as a Rinker Materials Concrete Batch Plant to replace the existing facility in downtown Gainesville. Subsequently, Cemex purchased Rinker Materials. BCI provided the design and permitting support for the project, including design of the stormwater treatment system to meet the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) general permit standards. BCI also provided the lead role for development plan review, including the Special Exception Process, through the City of Gainesville development plan review process. As a compact site plan utilizing potable water and a septic tank, special attention was required to minimize any impact to the adjacent wetlands. BCI was instrumental in making sure the project was designed, permitted, and constructed within a demanding schedule timeframe, as the former Concrete Batch Plant facility was being vacated to allow for demolition of the entire area.